Spacemaster 750
The most versatile operable wall in the VARIWALL line, the Spacemaster's 82mm panel thickness offers convenient operability and the capability of attaining an STC 48 rating. Suitable for almost any environment, the Spacemaster works well in office conference rooms, convention centers, and even hotel ballrooms where space management is a primary goal and medium sound level isolation is required.


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                    STC   38   42   44   48



spc1The VARIWALL Spacemaster 750® series enables the designer to integrate the need for a visual screen and sound barrier in space planning issues.  The versatile Spacemaster 750® affords the user a perfect and effective solution to a space management problem that requires medium sound level isolation in “same use” room divisions, such as: seminar rooms, office conference rooms, classrooms, etc.  VARIWALL® offers, once again, the most cost efficient operable wall in its class.  This series is available in four Sound Transmission Class (STC) models: 38, 42, 44 and 48.  Varifold's VARIWALL® line has been certified by a HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) accredited laboratory.


The Spacemaster 750® series panel has a nominal thickness of 82mm and a load weight parameter from 30 kgs/m2 up to 40 kgs/m2. The panel is constructed with or without steel plates depending on the STC requirements and laminated with a 12mm thick gypsum board, MDF, or a combination of both for optimum sound isolation, fire resistance and surface finish durability.


The Spacemaster 750® also features VARIWALL®’s advanced track and carrier system. Its panel trims are made of anodized architectural grade aluminum alloy 6063 with a T6 annealing for added structural strength and a patented V-groove design for unique sound deflection. The ASTRAGAL configured vertical meeting stile has a deep nesting aluminum bullnose equipped with a robust and flexible tadpole shaped acoustic seals. This model can be installed upto 4 meters in height and an unlimited width span. The panel width can be specified from 0.6m upto 1.2m.



*How Good Is An STC Rating?


STC     Privacy Afforded


38        Loud Speech Not Understood


42        Loud Speech Audible, but Unintelligible


44        Loud Speech Barely Audible


48        Loud Speech Barely Audible




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               SCREENMASTER 550® SERIES  : STC   25   30   35

               SOUNDMASTER 1000® SERIES  : STC   43   45   47   49   51   53   55




Preparation of opening shall conform to criteria set forth per ASTM E557 Standard Practice for Architectural Application and Installation of Operable Partitions.  The partition Sound Transmission Class (STC) shall be achieved per the standard test method ASTM E-90-99 and E 413-87.



Limited warranty of five years for the rail tracks and carriers. Three years on panels and mechanical parts, one year on labor. Limited warranty shall not include panel finish, freight, shipping, and transportation cost. This warranty shall be against defects in materials or workmanship of manufacturer’s products.


spacemaster panel constructionA.   PANELS

Individual panels shall be nominally 82 mm thick. Depending on the STC requirement of the partition, the panel is a 10mm/12mm gypsum board laminated with a 3mm MDF skin for impact and puncture resistance and sheathed with the appropriate gauge of galvanized steel sheet for sound barrier. It shall be installed in a floating manner on the panel frame for optimum sound isolation. There shall be no screw, bolt, or adhesive to be used to attach the panel onto the frame. The panel vertical and horizontal rails shall be made of anodized architectural grade aluminum alloy 6063 T6. It shall be top supported by factory fabricated steel tubular carrier weldments.




Vertical sound seals shall be deep nesting extruded aluminum bullnose with flexible tadpole shaped acoustical seals.  The top and bottom horizontal seals are fully encapsulated aluminum carrier seals equipped with six layers of PVC sweep sound seals operated by a square spindle and cam shaft mechanism. Both top and bottom horizontal seals shall be operated simultaneously with a heavy duty spring loaded, single action 180 degree cranking mechanism. Mechanical seals shall provide a force at the top and bottom of panel in order to seal off any gaps and afford extra lateral stability for the panel.




rail 2000There are four types of track available, the omni directional Type 500 and Type 1000 and the center suspended Type 900 and Type 450. The tracks shall be anodized aluminum architectural grade alloy 6063 T6 annealed. Track intersections, escapements and storage shall be made of the same type and aluminum grade as the main rail.


There are four types of carrier systems available, the Type 500 which is a dual precision ball bearing with moulded in place Delrin tires and has a 227 kgs. load capacity for omni directional track. The Type 1000 carrier is similar to the Type 500 except that it has a load capacity of 455 kgs. Panels in an omni directional track shall be able to traverse X, T or L intersections. The other carrier type is Type 450-4 which is used for the Track Type 450. The Carrier Type 450-4 has four precision ball bearing with moulded in place polymer tires and has a 204 kgs. load capacity. The fourth carrier is the Type 900 which is similar to the Type 450-4 but has a load capacity of 409 kgs. and is used in conjunction with a Track Type 900. The highly precision aluminum track and steel ball bearing with polymer tired carriers provide a smooth and quiet panel operation. 




A telescopic Lever Closure Panel is used as the trail panel to close off gap and provide tight sound insulation and lateral panel stability. The lever closure is actuated by a sprocket on an industrial-duty linear gear mechanism, running along three nylon tires with a ball bearing assembly. There are two types of Lead Panel closures available in the Spacemaster 750 series: the Bulb Seal to Wall Receptacle and the Vertical Stile to Wall Jamb.




panel stacking systemThe VARIWALL® Spacemaster 750® series offers six different Panel Stacking Systems that covers all possible project requirements.  These can be configured in combination to even provide more options.




- Bare Finish: MDF, Plywood, Gypsum Board.

- Imported Vinyl Laminates. These shall be machine laminated, hydraulically pressed and factory applied. Color shall be selected from manufacturer’s standard color selection.

- Woven Fabric with Polyfoam backing. These shall be factory applied and installed. Colors shall be selected from manufacturer’s standard color selection.

- Melamine. These shall be factory applied and hydraulically pressed and laminated. Color shall be selected from manufacturer’s standard color selection.

- High Pressure Laminates (HPL). These shall be factory laminated and hydraulically pressed and cured. Color shall be selected from manufacturer’s standard color selection.

- Aluminum Rails and Frames shall be anodized silver satin finish.

- Powder Coated Finish is an option. Color shall be selected from manufacturer’s standard color selection.




- Single pass doors, double pass doors of the same thickness, construction and finish as the basic panels.

- Whiteboards, marker boards, tack boards maybe specified.

- Acoustical Pocket Doors.

- Door locks, latches and handles.

- Glass Windows on Doors are optional.